Why Electronics Disposal Can Not Go Out with the Trash Why Electronics Disposal Can Not Go Out with the Trash

Electronics disposal is a relatively new issue for people who are committed to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Most people do not realize just how many harmful materials are contained in their electronic devices. Throwing them in the trash will send them to a landfill where their deteriorating releasing toxic elements into the environment. 

What Electronics Are Included?

Electronics that cannot be disposed of with the weekly trash include computers, smoke detectors, lighting, cell phones, stereos, VCRs and DVD players, TVs and even refrigerators. 

What Waste is Contained in these Items?

The reason that electronics disposal must be separated from household waste is that they contain hazardous materials. You'd never know that inside your computer you can find lead, fiberglass, mercury and even traces of arsenic, lithium and flame retardants. If these elements went to a normal landfill, the materials would be exposed and released into the ground, water supply and air, creating unsafe conditions for living things. 

What's the Solution?

When you are ready for a new computer or cell phone, make sure you recycle your old one. This is the safest way for electronics disposal to limit the exposure to humans. This also provides metals and other materials to make a variety of household items.

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