Why have a Drain Catch Basin in Your Home

A drain catch basin is a vital landscape aid in the home. It can also help to sustain proper drainage in the home. The feature is also known as a curb inlet or storm drain inlet. It is constructed on the ground surface to collect wastewater, mainly from rain. The runoff accumulates in a wide inlet that slopes and flows into a pipe. This is covered with a grate to sieve the large debris. Catch basins are often made of a corrosion resistance material such as concrete or stainless steel. Below are three reasons why you may wish to install a catch basin in your home.

1. Supports Drain Systems

Catch basins can serve as a gateway to the sewerage or storm drain system. In such a situation, the basin serves as a pre-treatment stage in the system. Large debris and sediments that collect in rainwater are captured in the basin. This material is retained in the basin. It does not proceed into the sewerage or storm drain system. This helps to keep the drainage system from overload. Debris that finds its way into the sewerage system clogs the system and lowers drainage efficacy. With a catch basin in place, drainage problems can be kept to a minimum. This helps to reduce maintenance procedures on drainage systems. Due to the supportive role it plays, a well constructed drain basin can increase the longevity of the sewerage system. Catch basins must also be well maintained for best results. You need to open the basin and clean it periodically so that it doesn’t get full of debris. A well designed drainage system adds value to your home.

2. Landscape Aid

Homes in areas that frequently receive heavy rainfall and have bad drainage can benefit from a catch basin. A well installed basin can act as a reservoir for rainwater. Several problems can arise from stagnated rainwater. Soggy soils can affect the health of nearby trees and plants. Bugs, mud and bad odors result from stagnant pools. These discomforts make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. They also ruin outdoor ambiance. Catch basins are a good preventive measure for such problems. They help you manage your landscape well and maintain the aesthetic appeal outdoors.

Prevents a Wet Basement

A poorly drained landscape can create problems for you in the house. Downspout water is a major cause of wet basements. A driveway that doesn’t slope away from the house can also cause water to flow into the house. Frequent heavy rains can aggravate the situation due to floods. With time, these waters may infiltrate into the house and create other problems. Flooring, carpets and furniture are easily ruined in a wet environment. An effective remedy for such situations would be to re-route the downspout water. This can be accomplished with a properly constructed catch basin. The basin can be set directly under the downspouts or at selected points along the curb. This helps you to maintain the good condition of your home.