Why Have an Automatic Transmission Cooler Why Have an Automatic Transmission Cooler

An automatic transmission cooler can extend the life of your vehicle, particularly if you use it for towing or other strenuous applications. Transmission fluid is cooled when it passes through a small radiator, usually located near the main radiator for engine coolant. Automatic transmission fluid performs three purposes: It hydraulically operates, lubricates and cools the transmission. If the automatic transmission overheats, the rubber seals and gaskets can fail. The metal parts can also warp and ruin the transmission.

Stress on Transmission

Certain uses of the vehicle cause extra stress on the transmission. Towing large loads uphill can overheat the engine. Driving in snow or heavy traffic also causes wear on the automatic transmission. If you plan to tow a trailer frequently, you should consider upgrading your automatic transmission cooler.

Automatic Transmission Cooler Rating

The automatic transmission fluid is cooled by a small radiator. The surface area of the fins determines how much heat is transferred. Increasing the size of the radiator is one way to improve performance.

Automatic transmission coolers are rated numerically. Choose a new unit with a rating three times the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of your truck and trailer.

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