Why Have Refrigerator Locks?

There are many situations that may require you to use refrigerator locks. Although it is never convenient to use one of these locks, one or more of the following situations may require that you do so.

Preventing Potentially Fatal Accidents

Small children can be very attracted to refrigerators as a place to play or hid in. As a safety precaution, old, unused refrigerators that are stored in an area of your home where children have access to them should obviously be padlocked so that children can’t become trapped inside.

Keeping Food Off Limits

Locking a fridge will at times prevent family members from having free access to food they shouldn't be eating. At times a locked refrigerator door can prevent even adults from having access to food that is off limits. Sometimes, it might be food you're prepared for a special occasion.

Disabled Individuals

Perhaps you have an elderly or disabled individual in your home. In situations like this you may need to restrict them from gaining access to your refrigerator.

Wild Animals

To insure that food in a boat, RV, and other locations remains off limits to bears, raccoons and other wild animals, sometimes a refrigerator lock is the best way to accomplish this. Bears, for example, are known to open doors and lids without difficulty.