Why Install Tubular Skylights in a Bathroom

The addition of tubular skylights in the bathroom is not only a way to let natural light into the space. You can also reduce the need for lighting the room during the day by installing a special type of skylight that evenly distributes light no matter what the position of the sun. Tubular skylights are typically easier to install than bigger, more traditional skylights. In addition, they often look like a typical light fixture when in place in the bathroom. All told, tubular skylights offer a pleasing alternative to both larger skylights and conventional light fixtures that are superior for practical reasons as well.

Tubular Skylight Design

Tubular skylights are much smaller than customary skylights placed in roofs. Tubular skylights protrude out the roof over a room. Inside a metal frame there is usually an acrylic lens and a domed casing. The narrow tube is lined with reflective material. The other end is installed in the bathroom or other room and resembles a light fixture. At this end is a diffuser lens–basically a means of spreading the light from the sun evenly throughout the room. Because of the domed or parabolic shape of the outside casing or sun scoop, no matter where the sun is in the sky, light will be reflected into the tube. This is superior to traditional skylights which typically lie flat upon a roof or have only a slight dome.

In the Bathroom

Unless a bathroom is particularly well lit by natural light, it typically requires artificial even at midday. Although but a portion of your power bill, it contributes to it nonetheless. By installing a tubular skylight in the bathroom, you could conceivably cut down on the amount of artificial light you are forced to use during the daytime. Even if the sun is not directly shining into the skylight, because of its specialized design, sunlight is reflected down through the tube and diffused evenly throughout the bathroom.

Tubular Skylights Compared to Incandescent Bulbs

Some research indicates that the use of a tubular skylight in the bathroom of a certain diameter has the same lighting power as a 700-watt bulb in the middle of winter. The power to illuminate a normally dark room increases during the summer months as well. What this tells the savvy homeowner looking for sustainable solutions is that a tubular skylight in the room can ultimately reduce the need for powered lighting. Any amount of reduction helps in the long run.

The use of tubular skylights in the bathroom or other rooms of your home is another way to increase the sustainability of your living space. By installing a tubular skylight, you are tapping into the energy of the sun which provides both heat and light for free. There are, of course, initial investments to be made, but that is ultimately a small price to pay to gain the benefit of renewable energy day in and day out. Tubular skylights are an unobtrusive means of increasing the light in your bathroom while at the same time reducing energy costs.