Why Purchase Vinyl Baseboards?

Corner of a room with blue wall, white baseboard trim and wood floors
  • 1-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-1,200

Vinyl baseboards, also known as vinyl wall base, are a handy alternative to the standard wood baseboard that is commonly fitted in homes.

It can be used in commercial or residential applications, and there are benefits to both.

1. Cost

Low cost is one of the reasons vinyl baseboards may be so commonly fitted in commercial properties.

Depending on the size of the commercial property, a vast quantity of baseboard could be required so cost-efficiency is certainly beneficial.

This advantage can also be applied to a residential property, where it will be particularly useful when a complete renovation is being undertaken.

2. Easy Installation

white paint next to baseboards

Many residential properties have rooms of a relatively standard shape, consisting of straight walls and right-angled corners.

This will ensure the vinyl baseboard is even easier to install than it would be in an unusually shaped room.

After making use of a power saw to cut the baseboard to the required size, the backing can be removed to expose the adhesive-covered side before pressing it to the wall and fixing it in place.

It is also important to ensure the surface it is being installed on is clean and dry.

3. Durable

Another benefit gained by commercial properties from the use of vinyl baseboards is they are durable.

Properties that are prone to heavy footfall or lots of activity, such as hospitals, are more likely to suffer damage to flooring, which this type of baseboard can help prevent.

Within the home, damage to the baseboard can also be a possibility and can arise from all sorts of reasons, from aligning furniture against the wall to accidental kicks.

Damage sustained to wooden baseboards can often result in chips and splintering, which are far from easy to rectify.

This will not be the case where vinyl is used.

Though its integrity is unaffected by dirt and dust, it is also easy to keep clean by wiping with a soft damp cloth and using a standard household cleaner for more stubborn marks.

4. Reapplication

close up of white baseboard on a corner

The relative ease of vinyl baseboard removal can make it an attractive option for a residential property.

Rather than the hammer, screwdriver, and crowbar that is likely to be required to remove a wooden baseboard, the vinyl one can simply be pulled away from the wall.

Therefore it is a quick and easy job to reapply for a new one if required.

5. Style

Wooden baseboards will often only be available in styles that match the types of wood that are used for flooring.

Vinyl baseboards give you a wider range of options, not only in respect to colors but also in design and texture.

It will be much easier to let your imagination run wild or even to purchase vinyl that matches the rest of the room.

Various widths are also available to enable you to succeed in completing your decoration in the style that you desire.