Why Should You Buy a Dual Flush Toilet?

To help combat the use of water in a toilet, a dual flush toilet will help a home owner cut down on the amount of water used each time you flush. The toilet is one of the biggest wastes of water in the household. It is known that flushing a regular toilet uses several gallons of water. Recent estimates, depending on the toilet you use, put that water usage is between 3.5 and 5 gallons of water per flush.

The Dual Flush Toilet
A dual flush toilet is just that. There are two buttons on the flush. One button is for a short flush. While the other is for a full flush. Even when you do the full flush button, a dual flush toilet still uses significantly less water with each use.

  • Short Flush - This is used to flush away liquid waste and uses less than a gallon of water.
  • Full Flush - A full flush is used to get rid of solid waste.

Why Buy a Dual Flush Toilet?

The conservation of water, even for things like flushing, showering, and washing face and hands, is an important part of keeping the environment safe and healthy. A dual flush toilet will help you save a  considerable amount of water, and money in utility bills.