Why Use Galvanized Nails?

hammer and nails

Galvanized nails undergo a process that involves coating them with zinc to protect them. This process is commonly known as hot-dip galvanizing. Apart from the protection, the barrier also saves the metal from being damaged, as the coating would dissolve before the metal.

Zinc oxide is white dust that is used in the galvanizing process, as it does not break down the surface of the metal, making them more durable and reliable. In addition to this, it prevents oxidation and is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. These rust-resistant nails are great for outdoor applications as they are weatherproof. Apart from oxidation, galvanized nails have an excellent staying power that cling more tightly to the surface they are being nailed into. Therefore, they work great for attaching parts of stairs, decks, window frames, house trims, etc.

Galvanized nails are low-maintenance nails that do not shrink or crack easily. They also offers greater resistance to water and abrasion. These nails are also very cost effective when compared to other nails. The initial cost of buying these nails may seem huge. However, it pays off over the years, as they are very durable.

These nails are often shiny, smooth, and glossy in their appearance and should not be used with cedar, redwood, or treated lumber. This is because the chemicals in these woods kill the zinc coating, resulting in the nails rusting and leaving streaks around the nail. In such cases, mechanically treated nails that are grey in colour or pre-treated wood must be used.