Why You Must Establish Foundation Anchors Why You Must Establish Foundation Anchors

If you are living in a home which has a concrete base, then you should consider adding foundation anchors to any additional buildings that you might want to add. When you are ready to install your concrete along the bottom of the building, then adding foundations anchors will help you to secure your home to the original foundations of the home. Whether you are adding a patio, or extending your home, you will need to add these anchors into the home in order to ensure that it is fully protected.There are a number of reasons why these foundation anchors are important, and you should consider these when you are adding concrete foundations to a home.

Securing the Load

The most important purpose of the foundation anchor is to secure the new load to the home in which it is being built. The new building can sometimes drift away from the wall, due either to the soil shifting beneath it (subsidence), or the weight of the building just causing it to fall slightly. If you have built up a new extension to your home, the sagging can leave serious cracks in your wall, or could even cause the floors or walls of the extension to give way. In order to prevent the load from sagging in this way, you need to add foundation anchors into the concrete. Building a foundation anchor into your concrete will help to support the weight of the home, preventing it from shifting too much.

Securing the Concrete

As well as the upper part of any addition to your building, you may also find that the concrete itself will start to collapse if it is not supported. Concrete under stress might crumble, or large cracks form in the base. These can lead to problems, particularly with water drainage, and if you have built an extension, the walls might also collapse along the line of the crumbing concrete. In order to prevent this kind of damage, you should add concrete foundation anchors to your foundations.

Toughening the Concrete

Foundation anchors are also a good way of strengthening your concrete if it is weak or has not properly set. Adding concrete anchors will give the foundation a bit of a backbone, which can help a lot in ensuring that the concrete does not subside into the soil. You may also find that even concrete which is going to be used as a patio could do with concrete anchors along the joint between the pavement and the house, as this will prevent the weight of the paving slabs from pressing the concrete down further than you wish.

Fixing Cracks

Foundation anchors are also a good idea even after the concrete has been poured, as they can fix any cracks in the foundations, and prevent accidents. You can begin with an injection of an epoxy into the crack, and follow this with the insertion of anchors, which will hold the concrete in place.


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