Why You Need a Dryer Vent Roof Cap

Why do homeowners need a dryer vent roof cap installed? Dryer vents are required to ensure proper venting for any dryer. Proper venting means no lint backup, which can cause dryer fires. A home's roof gets exposed to all the elements. A cap is needed for prevention of anything entering the vent which should not. There are some pros and cons to using a vent roof cap.


Vent roof caps contain built in flashing, which sheds rain water from entering the home and running through the vent. This is the biggest benefit. There are some which also can save on the time needed to dry clothes resulting in money saved. Another benefit with venting through the roof is that moisture is kept out of the basement.


There are two disadvantages to vent roof caps. The first is that while animals stay out of the vent itself, some birds may make their nest in the cap. This means that the cap must be cleaned. Since it is on the roof, the cap is difficult to clean and so is the lint that gets trapped.

Overall, a vent roof cap is needed. There are many different ones available through hardware stores, home stores and online. Be aware that some dryer vents do not include the cap, but it is recommended to have one.