Why You Should Build Your Shed on a Concrete Foundation Why You Should Build Your Shed on a Concrete Foundation

If you decide to build an outdoor storage shed, make sure you build it on a concrete foundation to protect the structure and its contents. The following will provide you with some more reasons why it is best to build your shed on a concrete foundation.

Sturdy Structure

Putting your shed on a slab will provide a solid foundation that will allow for extra strength in the structure. It will support a good, sound roof, and help your shed last longer.

Weather Protection

An overabundance of rain or snow can rot the bottom of a wood building that was constructed without a concrete foundation. Sheds made from tin will rust quickly. A concrete slab keeps the sides up off the ground and keeps them from staying wet over a long period of time. Cold or extremely hot weather can make wood become brittle and can cause cracks. In addition, with your shed on a slab, the items you store in it are up off the ground and kept dry.

Insect Protection

Termites and carpenter ants are a problem in wood that is exposed to the weather. With a slab under your shed, insects can easily be treated before an infestation sets in.


Outdoor storage sheds that are built on slabs usually look more appealing and sometimes enhance the landscaping. Many are decorated with flowers. Some have windows in them and are built to look like the main house.  

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