Why You Should Consider a DIY Security System

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When looking at home security options, it can be hard to find an alarm system that covers a wide range of concerns. If you’re thinking about installing a system for your home, your first decision should be whether you want a traditional company to come in or whether you’d like to install the security system yourself. With all the advances in technology and hardware, it might be better to choose a DIY security system. After all, who knows your home better than you?

The Pros of DIY Home Security

If you order a traditional security system, you might have to wait weeks for a representative to come out and install it. Plus, you’re relying on their guess for what’s best for your home. You never know if they’re trying to sell you sensors that you might not need. And if you ever want to repair or replace a sensor, you’ll have to wait another few weeks for that. With DIY Systems, you can order the exact parts you need and install them quickly. Do you have a lot of windows? How about spots you can’t see behind the garden shed? You know your home better than anyone and know where the security risks are.

DIY systems are also much more affordable. When you buy a traditional security system, you’re not just paying the company; you’re also paying the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, salesman, and installer. If each person wants to make a profit, they have to upsell you. DIY companies don’t have these middlemen, so you can save a lot of money.

Another pitfall with traditional companies is long-term contracts that render the hardware useless if not renewed. With most traditional companies, homeowners don’t truly own their devices and can’t modify their systems in any way. If you install your own DIY system, you can choose sensors that fit your needs, decide if you want additional features, and update or expand your system without waiting on a professional installer to drive out to your home.

Of course, not all DIY security systems are a good deal for your home or your wallet. With the growth of technology, DIY systems have expanded, so it can be hard to compare the hardware, coverage, and features. For example, most DIY systems don’t offer professional security monitoring, which means you need to keep an eye on your alarm at all times. Additionally, many can be difficult to install for the average homeowner.

Why We Love SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a home security system we’ve looked at that hits all the marks. There a lot of different sensors to help you customize your system, and this is one of the few brands we’ve seen that offers professional 24/7 monitoring at a reasonable cost. And most importantly, they don’t require long-term contracts.

SimpliSafe prioritizes homeowners who want absolute control over their security. Every device was designed to be easy-to-install without needing a drill to do it. There’s always personalized customer service available by phone or email to answer any questions. And a 60-day money back guarantee, plus 3 year warranty lets you know they stand by your home’s system.

Our favorite thing about SimpliSafe is how the system is connected. The security devices use cellular connections, so your home will remain protected even if a burglar cuts a wire or your home experiences a power outage. Plus, no wires means easy installation anywhere on your property, so when you move, simply take it to your new home without damaging the old walls.

Of course, every security system nowadays would be nothing without a connected app to let you check on your home from anywhere in the world. You can receive text and email alerts about your system, like when it’s disarmed, triggered, or even if there’s a power outage. This is a system that not only saves you money, but keeps your home professionally monitored and secure.