Why You Shouldn't Use Regular Sheets on a Waterbed

Water bed sheets are designed with the special requirements of the water bed in mind. Regular sized sheets are not realistic substitutes for water bed sheets because they are typically too small.


Regular sheets have developed into a standard set of sizes made for a set of standard sized beds. Water beds have standard sizes but there are more of them and they are all bigger than a standard bed size. Standard bed sheets do not cater for different thicknesses of mattresses.


A sheet that fits well is more comfortable than one that comes adrift and bunches up. Fitted standard bed sheets are not designed to fit a mattress closely. It is not unusual for them to come adrift in the night.

A waterbed base sheet is designed to fit the mattress precisely. It has pockets in the corners that will hold the mattress. The weight of the mattress helps to ensure that the sheet will not come adrift and bunch up under you. To add to the comfort top sheets are often connected to the base sheets. This connection could simply be at the corners at the foot of the bed or also about half way up the bed. Water bed sheets stay where they are supposed to be.

Unique Design Option

As well as the various features like pockets and joined sheets, water beds have a unique design option. Some bottom sheets are fitted with additional corner pockets that a pole or rod can be fitted into. This pole or rod presents a gripper the full width of the mattress. It is virtually impossible to dislodge a pole sheet.

Mattress Protection

The vinyl mattress of a waterbed needs to be protected against the oils that can be transferred from your skin. Waterbed fitted sheets are designed to give maximum comfort while offering full protection to the mattress.

Ease of Use

A standard bed fitted sheet is difficult to fit to a waterbed because it is too small. With a hard sided waterbed putting a standard base sheet on can be virtually impossible. Properly sized waterbed fitted sheets do not need to be made to fit so less effort is needed to fit them. Base sheets that are connected to the top sheets make fitting both sheets a single operation.


Water bed sheets are now to be found in as much, if not more, variety than standard sheets. Certainly the range of sizes is superior so you will find the right size for your bed. The range of materials used in water bed sheets is at least the same as that of standard sheets. With the wider availability, water bed sheets have also become much more affordable. Water bed sheet sets often include a comforter which brings the value for money to a high level.

With no other excuses waterbeds should be used with waterbed sheets. They are designed to fit together.