Why Your Boiler is Gurgling

A boiler performs an essential water heating role in the home. It adds to the comfort of home living. Like any other device, efficiency may sometimes be hampered. Repairs may also become necessary. A gurgling noise may sometimes sound from your boiler. Below are 2 possible causes:

High Thermostat Setting

The thermostat regulates the temperature at which water is heated. If set too high, a gurgling noise may be heard as the water is heating up. Once the hot water has been circulated the gurgle will disappear. Adjust temperature on the temperature and pressure valve to a lower setting. Gurgling should cease.

Air Lock

A pocket of air may form somewhere in the heating system. This causes the radiator to emit a gurgling sound. You need to bleed the radiator to eliminate the air lock. Obtain a small radiator key from a hardware shop. Be sure to have a small basin and some rags to capture water released. Insert the key into the slot at the top of the radiator, then turn on heating. Slowly turn the key to release water and air through the valve. As air is released, you will hear the radiator gurgle. This will disappear once all air has been released. You can then tighten the valve.