Wide Rear Tires

Q. What effect (good or bad) does adding a 240 rear tire have on a motorcycle? They look great on a Harley, but I have heard that they can be tricky to get used to. Thanks!


A. 240 Rear tires won't fit on a stock Harley frame or swingarm. There are a few different manufacturers of kits that can provide you the necessary parts (replacement fenders, swing arms, etc.) to complete a project like that, at a cost. The last one we did was about $4000 by time we were done with paint (gotta have a new fender). The kit will cost about $2000 and you'll need a bigger rim, not to mention a 240 tire. As an around town putt, it's not bad, but it will pull to the drivetrain side as the pulley is offset to clear the edge of the tire. Wear and tear on the transmission shaft is fairly serious as well. I'd check the clearance between your tire and belt or chain and do the best you can, maybe moving up to a 140 or 150, depending on your scoot. The alternative is costly now and later.

Info courtesy of DoItYourself.com Community Member mikehalker.