Wigo Flat Iron

Available in 3 wildly unique designs, a Wigo flat iron is a standard 1-inch wide model that can reach an incredibly high temperature. Resulting in soft, shiny and healthy hair without causing it to frizz, Wigo flat irons operate using high-powered ceramic heaters that have an almost instantaneous heat recovery. Costing around $100 per unit, for the money you can enjoy immediate daily access to the very best in hair-straightening appliances. 


Wigo flat irons come in 3 distinctive designs: the Geometrix, Red Leopard and the Kanji/Beauty models. Matching individuals' unique sense of style, Wigo flat irons do their job with flair. With variable heat settings, Wigo flat irons can heat up to 450 degrees, more than enough to straighten even the curliest of hair. Suitable for all types of hair, Wigo models utilize ceramic nano-particles and passive ion production to straighten hair at the molecular level. 

Flat Iron Features

Wigo flat irons feature moveable plates, ideal for making precise plate-to-plate contact and utilizing the unit to its potential. The flat iron includes an on/off switch and a 9-foot swivel cord that won't get tangled as you move about the bathroom. Also included with every model is a heat-resistant travel and storage pouch. Wigo flat irons come with a 3-year limited warranty.