Will a Dead Car Battery Cause Keyless Entry Problems?

hand holding keyless entry fob by car door

Yes, dead batteries can prevent keyless entry systems from working, but the charge required for the wireless fobs is very small, so a battery would have to be completely drained for a keyless system to stop working.

What is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry is a new car system that allows drivers to lock and unlock their car doors without using keys. The latest design of vehicles is equipped with sophisticated keyless entry systems that include short-range remote transmission. You can gain keyless entry to your vehicle by sending radio frequency signals from the remote to a receiver or control module inside the car. In most cases, the frequency signal (RF) is sent directly to the car as an encrypted data stream.

Some keyless entry systems allow drivers to access their vehicles without even pressing a button. All they have to do is walk within a few feet of the car and the doors will unlock automatically. There are several products developed to make this possible. You simply place them on your key ring or put them in your pocket, and whenever you are near your vehicle, the doors will unlock.

wireless key fob near car door

What Factors Affect Keyless Entry?

There are several factors that affect keyless entry. For instance, its signals can easily be drowned out by highly intensive interference. However, trying to eavesdrop on the keyless entry signal is like trying to overhear a conversation in a loud rock concert—it is possible, but very difficult. This means that carjackers can not easily hack your signal. Even if they manage to record your vehicle's unlock code, they will have challenges because modern vehicles use the rolling code—a code that keeps changing after every use.

The general condition of your vehicle can also affect the keyless entry system. For instance, if you don't maintain your vehicle properly, the signal will start fading and with time, the keyless entry system will fail completely. This is why it is important to take proper care of your car.

Electric System Failure Will Affect Keyless Entry

The car's electric system may also cause serious problems if it does not function properly. The electric system controls the power supply throughout the car, including the car keyless entry sensors. For the keyless entry to work, the car computer has to be on. If the electric system is affected, the keyless entry will likely be affected too.

The Relationship Between Keyless Entry and Battery

The keyless entry is a system that needs the energy to operate. This energy is acquired from your car battery. Therefore, the performance of the keyless entry system heavily relies on the condition of the car battery. Many car users have found themselves in a difficult situation due to dead car batteries. Several car systems like keyless entry and lighting depend on the car battery for energy.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems

There are several types of keyless entry systems. One of the commonly used systems is the built-in model that comes with almost every car. These are traditional systems where a driver uses the key button to unlock the door. Such systems work for both the main doors and the trunk. Advanced versions of these systems allow drivers to open the trunk without having to touch the car.

Another common keyless entry system is the remote start system. Compared to traditional keyless entry systems, this one is more advanced and costly. This system is highly effective and safe for drivers. It has been the subject of several advertising campaigns for car users.

keyless entry remote ignition fob

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems come with plenty of advantages. If you have ever tried unlocking your car with your hands of groceries or work items, you know how helpful keyless entry is. With keyless entry, you have an easy way of unlocking your vehicle from a distance. Furthermore, these systems can also be helpful because of the other systems that work alongside them.

Through the keyless entry system, there is more protection for your car. It also makes a panic button possible. Panic buttons are those that people push on their remotes in case of an emergency or danger. Another benefit of the keyless entry system is that it makes remote start possible. This makes things easier for drivers.


With a dead car battery, you will have problems with keyless entry. This is because the system relies on the car battery for energy. However, it is not common for a battery to go completely flat to the extent that the keyless entry is affected. While batteries may start failing, it will take an extremely low battery for the keyless entry to stop functioning.