Will A Homemade Pond Filter Save Me Money?

rock-lined edge of a backyard pond

Many people like the idea of making a homemade pond filter as a cost saving measure. But does it really add up?

Upfront Cost

Gathering all the materials necessary to make your own pond filter will generally cost less than $20. The cost can go up or down depending on the type of pond you have. A filter that has already been assembled can cost several hundred.

Using Bio-Technology

Since most homemade pond filters will utilize bio-technology, they can be pretty inexpensive. You generally only need a few bags of lava rock or charcoal, a few buckets or grow pots, and some pantyhose. Since you are using the bio-technology, and relying on the filtration system naturally (though the lava) you will save money.

Building Costs

Most of the construction is easy, and won’t require any field of expertise. However, there is an electrical component to the homemade pond filter. If you have not worked with electricity and wiring before it’s best to call an electrician for this. That can be costly and end up making it cheaper to just purchase the filter outright.

Building your own filter will save you money upfront. It does require valuable time to maintain and build, and some specialized knowledge though.