Will A Palm Tree Grow In My Climate?

One of the common misconception of the palm tree is that they can only grow in tropical areas. There are several different species of palm tree that can grow in most of the climates where people live and create gardens.

Not Just For The Tropics

No matter which zone you live in, you will be able to grow a species of palm tree. It might not be the actual vision you have in mind of the large tropical trees with coconuts hanging from them, but they are types of palm. There are species that are hardy enough to live in temperatures that reach down into the single digits.

Dwarf Sugar Palm

The dwarf sugar palm is a great choice for a small garden. These trees typically grow to a height of only 10 feet. They have silver-backed leaves and are hardy enough to withstand temperatures in the low 20s and high teens.


The caryota is a type of palm tree that will grow to up to 20 to 30 feet. They grow well in the shade and should be kept in temperatures above 40 degrees. Frost is not good for this tree and can kill it very quickly.