Will Adding a Hot Water Tank Timer Save Energy and Money?

Installing a timer on your hot water tank can potentially save a homeowner money and energy usage. There are conditions and requirements that make the timer work efficiently for your home.

Hot Water Timer Concept

The concept behind a hot water timer is to consider when your home will need the most hot water and set the timer to ensure that the hot water tank will have ample water for bathing, washing laundry or dishes. The timer keeps the hot water heater from turning on because the water temperature in the tank is cooled. There is a manual override for the timer system to add more hot water if there is an occasional situation where more hot water is needed.

Energy Efficiency

The timer will help with energy efficiency because the water in the tank is not heated periodically as needed, but instead only heated on a schedule. If you bathe and wash dishes at the same time every day the timer can ensure that there is hot water for those activities without continuing to run throughout the day. 

Money Saver

Because your water heater is not running the entire day there is the positive potential that you will save a few dollars on your energy consumption each month. This does depend, though, on how many times the manual override is activated during the month.