Will Boat Window Tint Reduce Interior Fading Colors? Will Boat Window Tint Reduce Interior Fading Colors?

Boat window tint can protect the interior upholstery of your boat from fading with too much direct sunlight. Tint can also increase privacy in your boat cabin and reduce the risk of theft.

Fading from Sunlight

Sunlight will eventually fade all types of fabrics. The ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sunlight cause a reaction between oxygen and the water present in all fabrics. This reaction produces hydrogen peroxide. Because hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, the fabric will eventually fade.

How to Protect Boat Interior Fabric

How does boat window tint reduce fading? Boat window tint reflects a substantial amount of sunlight, which contains the UV rays that encourage fading. With boat window tint, you can keep the fabric its original color for a longer period of time.

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