Will iron balusters increase my property value?

Iron balusters have a very elegant look about them. They are equally durable and ornamental and, depending on the interior or exterior design scheme of your home, iron balusters might be the perfect fit. In terms of increasing property value, anything you do to enhance the aesthetics of a home helps, so yes, they will add value to your home.

Ornamental, Antique Style

Whether your home has a traditional or transitional feel, wrought iron balusters imbue it with a charming, old-world style. From simple to intricately-wrought designs, iron balusters give a balcony, porch railing or stairway a classic, antique look designed to last. That combination can't help but increase a home's value. Plus, they can be painted or refinished, affording a new homeowner the opportunity to fashion the design to their own tastes.