Will Your Aloe Vera Plant Grow Indoors

The Aloe Vera plant is fairly hardy and adaptable to climates that are warm, humid, dry or extremely hot. In fact, the hotter and more humid the Aloe Vera’s surroundings are, the healthier and faster it will grow. The plants are suitable for indoor growth, as long as they are kept in the sunlight.

The best place to keep your Aloe Vera plant is in a well lit bathroom or kitchen window. The Aloe Vera plant will benefit from the foliar feeding they receive each time a hot shower steams up the room, or hot water is run from the sink. Also, the Aloe Vera plant will keep the air in the bathroom smelling fresh because of it's photosynthetic processes.

It is important to note that Aloe Vera plants do not survive in the extreme climate zones, such as ice cold Alaska, or sun starved areas of the desert.

If you live in an area without much sunlight, you will need to supplement the plant with artificial light. Without the supplementation of artificial light, the Aloe Vera plant will not grow. Aloe Vera plants are very tolerant and can come back to life after some neglect making them an easy plant to keep both in and outdoors. The benefits of Aloe Vera date back to the Egyptians and include soothing gels for burns. Or, ingested, the plant is said to have medicinal healing qualities.