Wind Energy Comparison: Windmills vs. Wind Turbines

Wind energy is harvested naturally and it is a renewable resource of power. It is harvested from wind which comes about as a result of geographical and geophysical factors that cause it to circulate around the planet. This source of energy is produced using windmills or wind turbines.

Installing Wind Energy - What to Consider

It is important to evaluate the site for installing a wind energy plant. Some of the considerations includes determining the correct sized wind system to meet a home’s energy needs, whether to use a wind mill or turbine, how many to buy and how to install them so that they work efficiently.

Wind Mills

Wind mills can be installed to make a wind energy system. They work by transforming kinetic energy into mechanical or electric energy. This type of energy is more practical for use at homes and it can be used according to the need. Wind mills provide mechanical energy which can be used to operate grinders, or saws. They also produce electrical energy which can be used for lighting or heating purposes at home.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are similarly used to generate electric energy from kinetic power of the wind. They can also be used to harness mechanical energy as they were commonly used in the past. Wind turbines can be used for producing large quantities of electricity.

Wind turbines are available in 2 main designs; vertical axis or egg beater and horizontal axis or propeller-style machines. They consist of a steel tubular tower and blades which are madder of fiber glass reinforced with materials such as polyester or wood epoxy. They also vary in size. This determines the amount of electricity each turbine is capable of generating.

Windmills are also available in 2 basic designs which include vertical-axis and horizontal-axis machines. They consist of 4 or more sails which determine the amount of energy produced. The sails are mounted at an angle on a rotating shaft which is supported by a post. The can be strategically placed on towers or rooftops too.

Wind Energy for Home Consumption

There are wind turbines that are designed for use at home or residential businesses. They are smaller in size compared to those used for commercial use. Typical turbines to be used at home can have towers that are 40 meters tall with rotor diameters of 8 meters or less. Utility-scale turbines range in size from 100 kilowatts to several megawatts.

Benefits Associated with Wind Energy

There are advantages associated with wind energy. It is a clean source of fuel as it does not pollute the air like other power plants used to produce energy. They do not require the combustion of oil, gas or coal to give energy which helps in conserving the environment. They are also associated with no emission of toxic substances in the atmosphere.

As a source of renewable energy, wind can be harnessed to produce affordable source of energy in many homes.