Wind Patterns: Placing Windows for Cross Ventilation

Utilizing wind patterns to create cross ventilation depends on the placement of windows in your home.


Step 1 - What is Cross Ventilation?

Cross ventilation occurs when air flows through one window in your home and out another window. In order to take advantage of wind patterns the windows should be on opposite sides of the house.


Step 2 - Wind Patterns and Cross Ventilation

Wind patterns are a source of air pressure by determining which side of the house is receiving the high air pressure you can achieve cross ventilation. By opening the window with the high air pressure and opening another window across from it you allow the low pressure to escape. This causes a cross ventilation of air.


Step 3 - Optimal Use of Wind Patterns for Cross Ventilation

By not completely opening the window with the high pressure and fully opening the opposite window the force of the air flow is more effective. 


Step 4 - Knowing the Predominant Wind Patterns in Your Area

When building a new home you can take note of the wind patterns and place your windows where you can create cross ventilation.