Wind Turbine Design Options and Efficiency Wind Turbine Design Options and Efficiency


Wind turbine design options are limited but you can decide which one will best fit your site and energy needs. The location along with the wind turbine design contributes to its efficiency.

Wind Turbine Design Options

  • Windmill
  • Horizontal axis
  • Vertical axis

Windmill Wind Turbine Design

The windmills blades slow down the wind allowing the wind to flow over the blades turning them.  Blades are connected to a drive shaft that spins the turbine to generate electricity. You will need a secondary source of electricity because when there is no wind the windmill will not operate to produce electricity.

Horizontal Wind Turbine Design

The horizontal wind turbine design is an affordable, efficient and popular option. Blades on the horizontal wind turbine design resemble airplane propellers. When the wind hits the blades they spin. An attached turbine converts the mechanical energy into electricity.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design

The vertical axis wind turbine design is an expensive option. It also is not as efficient or common as the horizontal axis wind turbine design. Blades are perpendicular to the turbine. This design does take up less space for operation.





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