Wind Turbine Energy Conversions

Wind turbine energy is a eco-friendly, cost-efficient alternative to power that comes from non-renewable resources.

What It Is

Wind turbine energy conversion is the act of taking kinetic energy from the air and turning it to usable electric energy.  The idea of using wind to create power is one that has been around for centuries. The concept is simple. The wind hits the blades of a turbine, causing them to rotate. With the rotation, energy is transferred from the wind into a generator that supplies electrical energy.


Wind is a renewable resource, meaning it replenishes itself naturally. While other fuels must be burned, releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and water supplies, wind does not require burning. Wind energy is completely clean, and it can also be stored for later use.


The disadvantages are few with wind energy. Most wind turbines are not silent, the noise can bother some people. Tall turbines may be unsightly, and some may prefer not to see them on or near their land.

Wind energy is also not a constant source of energy, and  it can’t be effectively harnessed in all areas of the country. Wind energy is great for the plains areas, but won’t do much for areas that have little wind.