Wind Turbine Maintenance as a Career Possibility Wind Turbine Maintenance as a Career Possibility

Wind turbine maintenance jobs are becoming more and more popular and in demand, since the alternative energy industry is growing phenomenally. People who are experienced or skilled in wind turbine maintenance and service jobs are enjoying a rather vast range of employment options and opportunities, since many new jobs are opening each year. This industry is one of the booming industries nowadays and it seems that it will be getting increasingly more attention since most governments and countries are looking to the future and are ready to invest in sources of renewable energy. With such a promising future, wind power professionals and experts should be ready to respond to the popular demands. This will be presenting several key elements associated with wind turbine maintenance jobs.


You can get a certificate as a wind turbine maintenance technician from one of the universities which offer a program in this discipline. The program is generally 40 weeks long. But in order to apply for the program you need to pass an assessment test in wind turbine maintenance with an aggregate of 70 percent or above. 

Pay Scale for Wind Turbine Maintenance Experts

Wind turbine maintenance experts should expect to earn approximately $60,000 at the end of the first year on the job. Considering that the average income nationwide is about $70,000, the entry level salary of the Wind turbine maintenance expert’s pay is pretty high. Technicians are known to receive high raises after a few years. This means that within five years, they can reach and surpass the national average. The job outlook for the future is considered more than excellent, especially when it comes to particular states, such as California, Texas, Iowa and Washington that have invested a lot in wind energy. The future is more than bright.

Job Requirements

If you want to become an entry level Wind turbine maintenance expert, you should follow some steps before considering employment in one of the large and renowned companies. First of all you need to be properly trained. As with all jobs, you need to invest some time here as well. There are many training companies and providers out there who can teach you all the secrets of the job. There are training schools that offer you an experience or knowledge certificate. Technicians should also acquire certain safety certificates before considering entering the industry. These certificates are usually provided when attending the technician courses. The most known and required certificates are the AED, OSHA, CPR and more.

Developing contacts and following leads is the next step. If you are a well trained graduate, you should expect to receive your first job offers within the first few weeks after getting your certificates. You can always follow up new job announcements online as well.  It is also wise to create a network of contacts that will open some doors for you faster. 

Type of Maintenance Tasks Needed

What will you be doing if you get a Wind turbine maintenance job? The most common and demanding tasks are to keep the turbines in good operational standards. This means that you need to be able to change and add fluids, retrofit them, solve circuit problems and deal with bolt torques. Enhancing the production potentials is something you should know how to do. If the turbines operate at full capacity you should be able to minimize downtime and increase energy production. These are the basic things you will need to know if you want to get a wind turbine maintenance job.

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