How to Create a Wind Chime

hanging wind chime
What You'll Need
Fishing line, cord, or string
Damp cloth
Themed craft items

Wind chimes are lovely additions to any garden, patio, or porch. From handmade to mass-produced, expensive to inexpensive, there are numerous ways that wind chimes add character to one’s home. Homemade wind chimes can be especially interesting, as you can make them out of sentimental items, recycled or collected items, and more.

This musical décor is simple and fun to create. All it takes is a bit of planning and initiative.

Step 1 — Decide on Your Theme

First, decide on the theme of your wind chime. You might already have an idea in mind, or you might have a collection of materials that will inspire you. Whatever theme you choose, it’s best to choose just one and stick to it so that the wind chime looks uniform and professionally made.

A few popular materials to start thinking about collecting to make wind chimes with include baby utensils, collector spoons, seashells, hollowed bamboo, key rings, and bottle caps.

Step 2 — Collect Your Materials

Depending on the style of wind chime that you will be making, you will need different materials. However, it is likely that you will need the tools listed, including a small drill; fishing line, cord, or string; a damp cloth; scissors; and themed items. Other optional items may include anything that you’d like to craft with like paint, glitter, sequins, decals, and glue.

Keep in mind that no matter what materials you collect, you must have one larger, usually circular, item to act as the top base of your wind chime. You will drill holes in this base to string your other objects to it. Therefore, make sure it is sturdy.

Step 3 — Assemble Your Wind Chime

Clean Your Materials

Before assembling, it’s important you clean your materials, especially if you’ve collected them over the years. You can use a damp cloth to clean them. If your collected items include silver, you may want to polish them, too.

Drill Holes

First, drill your base with as many holes as you have objects. Then, drill holes in your other materials that will be strung from the base. You should take precautions when drilling by wearing safety goggles in case there are flying scraps. Try to drill each object in the same place for a professional look. Or, if you want a more playful look, try drilling holes in your objects in different places. Make sure the holes are big enough to thread your string through.

Thread the String

Now, it’s time to thread a piece of your string, fishing line, or yarn, through each object and secure with a tight knot. You can make the strings whatever length you want depending on how long you want the chimes to swing. After you’ve threaded a piece of string through each object, carefully thread each string through the holes you’ve drilled in the top base. Leave optimal room for the string to hang, like the professional wind chimes you see in stores, and tie all of your strings together with one knot at the top.

Step 4 — Hang Your Wind Chime

To show off your beautiful artwork, hang your wind chime in a windy place. Your porch, yard, or garden are all perfect places.