Window Air Conditioner Installation

What You'll Need
Window air conditioner unit and hardware
Foam Strips
Measuring tape
Waterproof caulk
Caulking gun

In warmer climates, especially those where there is higher humidity and where summer heat can become almost unbearable at times, an air conditioner installation can be the best way to beat the heat. Window air conditioners are relatively inexpensive and can be normally be installed within hours. Here are 6 steps you can follow.


Step 1 -  Choose Your Location

You'll want to install your air conditioning unit in a room or area you want cooled. The room must also have a window within 6 feet of an electrical outlet into which you'll need to plug your unit.

Step 2 – Inspect the Windowsill

You need a window whose sill is strong and solid enough to hold a heavy air conditioner. Be sure the sill of the window you've chosen is solid and free from any rot that could crumble when you put the weight of the air conditioner on it.

Step 3 – Install the Mounting Bracket

Locate the mounting bracket that came with your unit and attach this bracket to the windowsill, following directions that came with the air conditioner unit. Typically it will require you to drive screws through screw holes in the bracket. Be sure the screws are driven into solid wood in the windowsill, but do not tighten the screws until you have leveled the bracket.

Step 4 – Level the Bracket

You will need your bracket to be level in order for your air conditioner unit to be level, and also to insure that the opening will be sealed properly. The center screwhole in the mounting bracket will be wide enough for you to adjust the bracket, with it's screw in place but not tightened. Using a level, adjust the bracket until it is level and the edges of the bracket are pushed up against the windowsill. Then tighten the screws to hold the bracket solidly in place.

Step 5 – Place the Air Conditioner into its Bracket

The unit will be heavy and will need to be carefully aligned with the bracket. If necessary get help from someone to lift the unit into place in the bracket so that it is properly seated.

Step 6 – Secure the Unit's Extensions

You'll find a unit extension on either side of the unit. Pull each one out until both reach the windowsill. Using your wood screws, attach these extensions to the sides of the windowsill.

Step 7 – Seal the Edges

Now, if everything is secured and steady, the final step is to seal all cracks and openings to keep water and heat from entering the room. Using foam strips that came with the air conditioner, work these strips into the larger cracks between the bracket, the extensions, and the window sill. If there are cracks remaining that are  too small to insert the foam strips, use your caulking to fill these cracks.

When you have the cracks filled, plug in your air conditioner's power cord and turn on the air conditioner.