Window Blinds

Window blinds are an alternative to standard curtains and drapes. These special designs are generally made of sturdier materials than fabric and come in a variety of styles.

Standard uses for window blinds

Window blinds have two primary functions in homes and offices. They are designed to:

  • Block sunlight – Most styles of window blinds are meant to almost completely block out the sun when they are in the closed position. While window blinds will allow some light through, the leaks are generally minimal if blinds are properly sized for the window in question.
  • Block view from the outside – In addition to blocking the sun, window blinds are also very effective at blocking people from seeing inside a home or office. When they are in the closed position, it is virtually impossible to see inside.

Types of window blinds

Window blinds come in several different styles. The functionality can vary based on the style of blind in question. The common types include:

  • Mini-blinds – This type of blind typically has small horizontal slats that can open to let in light or be set in the closed position to block it out almost entirely. Mini-blinds may also be called Venetian blinds.
  • Verticals – Window blinds of this type have long, vertical slats that pivot to block out light and incoming views.