Window Cleaning Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a task that most homeowners are faced with every year. If you don’t have self-cleaning windows, then you will need to follow a few simple guidelines.

Window Cleaning Tips
Most people clean their windows about once a year in the spring. However, it is recommended to clean the interior and exterior of your home’s windows at least four times a year. By doing this you will make window cleaning less labor intensive as the windows will never get too dirty. If time constraints won’t allow seasonal cleaning, you should consider cleaning them at least twice a year-once at the end of winter, and once at the end of summer.

Window cleaning tools
Before beginning the window cleaning process, remove screens, any debris from the exterior of the windows, any window treatments and knick knacks from the interior. Begin with the windows that are not in direct sunlight and work your way around the house.

First remove any stubborn dirt, resin or paint with a non-metal scraper after wetting them. For any mold or mildew, make a paste with baking soda and water and let stand on problem area for an hour or so, then wipe clean. Mix a 50-50 vinegar/water solution then use a squeegee or clean sponge and a lint-free cloth for the window cleaning. A great tip is to wipe the interior vertically and the exterior horizontally. This will help show any streaks.





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