Window Cornice Ideas Window Cornice Ideas

Window cornices are the best window treatments to add an elegant look to your rooms. With a few useful window cornice ideas and tips, window cornices can be made to give a magnificent look.

Cornice Frame Measurements

Remember that the size of the cornice board must best suit the window. Let the width of the cornice be a few inches more than the width of the window, so that the window cornice extends a few inches on either side of the window. Determine the appropriate height of the cornice board. It is better to make paper pattern and check if the measurements suit the window and the room.

Fabric Cornices

Fabric covered cornices look great and add an elegant look to the room. Choose the right fabric that best suits the room, curtains and the walls of the room. If the walls are light colored, dark fabric can be used on window cornices. Light colored fabric cornices look great in rooms that you want to brighten. Dark colored fabric cornices with the same fabric curtains give a rich and monochrome look to the room. Dining rooms and kitchens look beautiful with bright and bold fabric cornices. Fabric cornices with floral patterns add a modern look to the home interiors. Fabric cornices also look gorgeous by adding attractive laces or combining different fabrics. A thin layer of foam can be glued to the cornice board before it is covered with fabric. This gives a sophisticated look to the window cornice.

Shaped Bottom Cornice Board

Rather than having a flat rectangular cornice, one can add an artistic look to the cornice by shaping the bottom of the cornice. The bottom of the window cornice can be smoothly cut to desired shape that makes it look wonderful. Some of the shapes used for the bottom of the cornices are zigzag, scallop, arch etc.

Painted Cornice Boards

Instead of covering the cornice with fabric, the cornice board can be made to look attractive with paint. Choose the color of the paint that suits the walls of the room. Creative painters can add great pictures, graphics to the cornice front to make it look interesting. Splatter paint technique also works well on window cornices.

Attractive Accessories

The window cornice can be made attractive even without the fabric or paint. Fixing pretty accessory items such as beautiful borders, toys, flowers, beads, ornamental wood pieces or any other decorative items can add a charming look. The decorative items can be fixed either with glue or with screws.

Crown Molding

Crown moldings add a beautiful look to cornices, especially non-fabric window cornices. The crown molding must be chosen to suit the length of the window cornice. Cutting crown moldings are quite tricky and hence should be done carefully. Crown moldings can be cut using miter saw using the settings for 45 degrees. Crown moldings can be attached to the cornice board by an air gun.

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