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As a homeowner, you may decide to keep your original wood windows for historical or aesthetic purposes.  You may need window hardware to replace a broken item or you may want to add some beauty and style to your window.  Regardless of its use, window hardware has to be functional.

Types of window hardware

Window hardware can include sash locks, lifts, pulleys, cords, window hangers and turn buttons.

Sash locks

Sash locks are used on both single and double hung windows.  New sash locks are an improvement over the old steel window hardware that can rust.  Today lock window hardware is available in many different finishes such as brass, nickel, or bronze.

Sash lifts

Sash lifts are basically handles used to open the window.  This window hardware comes in several options that include bar, beveled, hook and flush styles.

Window hangers and turn buttons

Hangers and turn buttons are window hardware needed to hold wooden storm window frames in place.  Use galvanized steel storm hangers and turn buttons to secure storm frames to the window jamb.

Window sash repair hardware

Older windows have a pulley system that allows the window to lift up and down.  Over time pulleys and cords wear out and break and must be replaced.

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