Window Maintenance: Replacing Sash Cords Window Maintenance: Replacing Sash Cords

What You'll Need
Replacement sash cord
Utility knife
Old toothbrush
Small weights
Small nails
Old toothbrush

Window maintenance must not be overlooked in your home care routine. Well kept windows enhance the appearance of your home. When windows are in proper condition, they improve energy efficiency and help to save you on energy costs. It is important that you repair damaged or worn out windows. If you have windows with sash cords, these are bound to require replacement from time to time. Exposure to the elements, dirt and heavy usage often lead to the deterioration of sash cords. The guide below outlines how to go about replacement.

Step 1 – Remove the Stops

On each side of the window, you’ll find a strip of wood. Use a utility knife to clear any paint that you may find between the stops and window casing. Carefully pry off the stops with the knife. If your window has metal guides that hold the sash in place, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the guides on both sides of the window. This will allow the bottom window to swing freely away from the frame.

Step 2 – Loosen the Sash

Unhook the sash cords on both sides of the window so that you can draw up the cords to the pulleys.

Step 3 – Remove the Weights

You’ll find a thin strip of wood that separates the sashes in the top and bottom windows. Remove the nails that secure this strip on both sides of the window. Put the strips aside. You’ll also find a small panel of wood on both sides of the window that covers the wells that contain the weights. Remove the screws from the panel to give you access to the weights. Pull out the weights and untie the old sash cords. Put the weights aside.

Step 4 – Install New Sash Cord

Tie a string around a small weight and feed it through the top pulley. Lower it down into the area where the weights rise and fall. Tie the end of the string to some sash cord at the top of the pulley. Pull down the string from the bottom of the pulley until the sash cord shows at the bottom. Untie the string and tie the sash cord securely to the weights on both sides of the window. This is easier and faster than if you attempt to feed the cord directly through the pulley.

Step 5 – Knot the Cord

Set the sash on the windowsill. Draw up the weights with the cord. Cut the excess cord and tie with a single knot. Fit the knot into the notch along the window sash. Repeat the same for the other side of the window. It helps if you have somebody to help you hold the window. This allows you to re-string the weights with ease.

Step 6 – Reinstall Casing

Reinstall the metal guides on both sides of the window. Get the wooden panels that cover the weight wells and fit in place. Reinstall the strips removed earlier and fit the window along the guides. Use a hammer and small nails to secure the window stops in place.

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