Window Molding Ideas Window Molding Ideas

Think of window molding as if it were icing on a cake. Window molding, like icing, is used to accentuate the appearance of the window. The right window molding can cause the window to appear smaller or larger, wider or thinner or add design elements to an otherwise plain window. Many new home constructions utilize flat window molding because it is cheaper. This is good for you in the end because you can customize the window molding as you see fit and when you see fit. The article that follows will provide several window molding ideas you can use or expand upon in order to make your windows match your style.

Picture It

Sometimes the simplest look is the best look for your needs. For windows that are not centerpieces (such as laundry rooms or garages) you can create a picture frame like you would have for a painting or other piece of art. It can give a sense of living art with this type of window molding. The best part is that you can make this window molding yourself and all you need is a miter saw. Measure the area you wish to frame (on the inside spans) then the pieces, going outward, with 45-degree corners. You can also purchase these pieces of wood.

A Fancy Alternative

If you have a large window that has a central focal point, it needs to be balanced with molding. For this you will make use of crown molding. The crown molding is raised up and out from the frame of the window. Crown molding is a little harder to install than other types of window molding. You need to have a nail board behind it which will hold the crown molding out. If the crown molding has edge corners, a compound miter saw will be needed to make double-angle cuts. This is a job best served for a professional unless you have experience working with and cutting trim. When you are finished you will also want to dress the window with sculptured and wider trim that will carry and compliment the crown molding.

Dueling Colors

Window molding has a tendency to be dull and boring. You'll either find it painted a very neutral color or stained a neutral tone. To make the window molding pop try painting it in two different colors that are on opposite ends of the color wheel. Use the darker color on the recess of the window molding and the brighter color on the raised portion of the window molding.

Metal Accents

Wrought iron can go with nearly any window molding you can think of. For a look that is streamlined and classic; metal flourishes can certainly add to the window trim. Change the window molding to a more flat style. Choose a piece of wrought iron that is skinny and swirling with curves and soft angles. Mount these metal accents on top of the window molding using black brackets. Also consider enforcing the window molding with extra nails or screws.

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