Window Murals Window Murals

Window murals can be a great solution if you have a space with no windows, it can feel very sterile and suffocating.  Locations like basements and interior rooms with no outside wall don’t allow for you to install a window even if you are willing to accept the time and expense.  Window murals are a fantastic solution to open up the space.

Window murals are relatively inexpensive and extremely easy to install.  You can find window murals with most any outdoor scene you can dream of and with faux framing in any size or style.  Perhaps you would like window murals that make you feel as if you are looking out a rustic window at a majestic mountain peek or gazing out a French door at a private beach. 

Window Murals for Good Feelings

Window murals not only make the space feel more open and light, but they can make you feel as if you have been transported to some exotic location.  Today you can purchase window murals made from digital photographs that look so real people will actually touch then to prove they are not three-dimensional.

You can also have custom window murals made.  Find a picture of a scene that you love and that means something to you, and many companies will turn it into a personalized window mural.  This method allows for you to memorialize a favorite vacation in a special way, or you can take a beautiful photo of what is actually outside your home to transport that to a space where you can’t actually install a window.

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