Window Pane Repair Tips Window Pane Repair Tips

Window pane repair is one of those essential home maintenance jobs we can all count on. Due to the various functions of windows in the house, it is best to repair damaged panes as soon as they occur. This enhances your security, keeps out the cold air and maintains the appearance of your home. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to replace a broken window with the tips below.

Keep a Window Repair Toolkit

It is best to store a kit in the house with essential items for window repair. This allows you to undertake repairs as soon as they occur. However, other items such as the replacement pane should ideally be purchased at the time of repair. The kit should include safety goggles, rubber gloves, hammer, putty knife, glass scrapper, tape measure, masking tape, spring clips, linseed oil, rustproof paint, paint brushes and putty.

Use Protective Wear

Broken panes can cause serious cuts to your hands. Tiny splinters of glass could also enter your eyes and cause fatal injuries. Wear a pair of rubber gloves before you begin any window repair work. These will protect your hands from cuts. Safety goggles will protect your eyes from the damage that stray splinters could cause.

Masking Tape

This minimizes the incidence of broken glass on the floor. Attach the tape onto both sides of the glass in a crisscross pattern. Use a hammer to gently tap the damaged pane. You can then proceed to gently remove the broken pieces of window, one piece at a time. Put aside in a safe place to be discarded later.

To Remove Putty

Use a putty knife to clear away putty from the window frame. It is best to remove small portions at a time. This reduces the possibility of damage to the window frame. You must also remove the glazier’s points which help to secure the pane in place. Sometimes the putty can be difficult to remove. Soak a clean cloth with linseed oil and apply onto the putty. Allow about 20 minutes for the oil to soften the putty. You can then proceed to remove. A heat gun can also be used to soften stubborn putty. It is important that you clear all traces of the old putty. Remnants of putty make it difficult for the new window to attach to the frame.

To Attach New Pane

Apply soft putty all around the window frame. Avoid thick application as it will make it difficult for the window to attach firmly. Be sure the replacement window is the exact size of the previous window. Insert the replacement window into the frame. Attach the glazier’s points onto each corner of the frame. More points can be used for a better grip. Gently drive the points into the frame with the back of the putty knife. Apply more putty onto the new window all around the frame. Mold into place with a putty knife. Excess putty can be removed with a glass scraper. Allow 3 days for the putty to dry, after which you can paint the window frame.

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