Window Replacement Parts Window Replacement Parts

Many homeowners decide to keep their existing windows for historical accuracy or cost.  However, you eventually will need window replacement parts if you choose not to change your windows.

Window replacement parts include window sash support systems such as balances and rollers.

Why do you need window replacement parts?

The window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and allows the window to function.  Runners in the window frame hold the sash in place and allow the sash to move up and down with the help of balances or rollers.  The sash support systems insure that the window will work properly.

Window Balances

Window replacement parts such as balances wear out over time.  The window will not stay open when a balance is not working correctly. Three different types of window balances are spiral, channel, and coil. 

Window Rollers

Window rollers are used for slider windows.  These windows slide back and forth.  The window rollers are usually found in sets of two or four.  This window replacement part must be replaced so no damage occurs to the window.  Window rollers are available in nylon, brass, or steel.

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