Window Seat: A Storage Solution with Multiple Uses Window Seat: A Storage Solution with Multiple Uses

A window seat is not only a great focal point, but it offers a variety of space and storage solutions, as well. Window seats can look very different and can come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Basically, a window seat is a bench that is built directly under a window. The window can be a bay or standard. The bench can be built into the frame of the bay window or be framed by shelves around a standard window. Either way, this inviting seating can also be a solution to a variety of storage issues. In a compact space, a window seat can be extra seating, book storage and a display case all in one.

A window seat framed by shelves is a relaxing nook where one can read or study. Use the shelves to house books and display pictures and other decorations. It can bring warmth and comfort to a room. Many window seats have storage in the bench. Drawers can be built into the front, or the top of the seat can be on a hinge. Either way this creates a storage solution for all kinds of things. If your window seat is going to be primarily for reading, make it a comfortable and cozy retreat. Line the back with throw pillows that invite you in to pick up a good book and relax. Baskets are another great way to add storage to your window seat. An open framed bench can house baskets that slide easily in and out.

Another great place for a window seat is at a kitchen table. By removing the chairs on one side of a table and using the window seat instead, you create a casual eating environment that is more comfortable than a traditional chair. The bench can be used to store all your table linens. Put your place mats, table cloths, napkins and seasonal runners in the bench and you'll always have them at your fingertips when setting the table.

If you have kids that use the table for art and homework, store their supplies in the bench. It's a great way to hide clutter while still keeping  the supplies close by.

A window seat can be created around just about any wall with a low-hung window. To do this, place ready-made bookshelves on either side of the wall and use a premade bench for the seat. These pieces can be purchased at many home goods retailers and even at home improvement warehouses. They come in a variety of quality and price ranges. The pieces are modular, so you should be able to find some that will match and fit your space. They will look built-in at a fraction of the cost. Once you have the pieces in place, get some premade cushions and throw pillows to complete the look. Now you have a storage unit with the added benefit of a window seat. It's an easy way to dress up a bookcase and create extra seating at the same time.

Window seats are the perfect way to keep clutter under control while displaying your books and valuables. With a little creativity, you can give your space a custom look while organizing your life.

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