Window Security Bars

Window security bars are bars or grids installed over windows to prevent entry. Basement and ground-level windows are high risk windows and especially good candidates for security bars.

Mounting window security bars
Security bars may be mounted either inside or outside of a window. While Inside mounting is preferable, burglars may remove bars that are mounted on outside windows in order to gain entry. Burglars rarely try to both break a window and also tamper with a window’s security bars. Homeowners can install security bars for windows themselves, but should test the installation to ensure all safety releases work.

Window security bars interfere with cleaning the window glass. Homeowners can use cleaning as an opportunity to test the safety release mechanisms as they wash behind the bars.

Safety concerns with window security bars
Burglar bars don’t differentiate between a person trying to get in a house and a person trying to get out. Most window security bar systems have a quick release mechanism to allow residents out in case of fire or other emergency. For maximum safety, the release mechanism should be sturdy enough to keep the bars in place, but fast and simple to release.