Window Security Film

Window security film is a heavy plastic film that is applied to windows in order to prevent them from shattering upon impact. This prevents would-be thieves from breaking a window in order to gain entry into a home.

Clear and tinted film
Clear window security film maintains visibility through the window so homeowners can continue to enjoy a view. Properly installed clear window film is virtually invisible. Tinted films add an extra measure of security by not allowing someone to see the valuables inside the house.

Additional security benefits
By laminating the glass, window security films protects a house from more than just would be thieves.  Winds from hurricanes or thunderstorms storms can shatter windows. Hurricane-grade window film can prevent windows from breaking during strong winds. Lower grades of window security film may not prevent breakage, but can keep the glass shards in the window frame to minimize further property damage

Window security film is easy for a homeowner to install. Expert installation may be required for the proper performance of higher grades of window security film.