Window Security Gates

Window security gates are retractable metal gates that fit across windows to prevent unwanted entry. Gates can also prevent small children from accidentally falling through an open window.

Buying window security gates
Window security gates come in two styles: door and accordion. Both styles can be ordered through hardware or window and door retailers. Many vendors will paint or powder-coat the metal to make the gate look less obtrusive.

Door style window security gates
Door style window security gates open like the door in a fence, to permit emergency exits. The open gate takes up space, so these are most often left closed. As they are often left closed over the window, door style window security gates may also have decorative scroll patterns in the metalwork which enhance your home’s appearance.

Accordion style window security gates
The accordion, or scissor, style is made of riveted metal slats that stretch across the window.  These can be easily retracted out of the way when the gate is not needed or for emergency exit. The design and construction method limits accordion style gates to a simple diamond pattern when the gate is closed.

Skilled homeowners can install window security gates themselves. In some jurisdictions, only licensed locksmiths are allowed to install locking widow security gates. This is to ensure that the gates allow easy emergency exit in case of fire.