Using Window Security Locks to Protect Your Home Using Window Security Locks to Protect Your Home

Window security locks keep windows from opening when the locks are engaged. When the locks are not engaged, windows open and close freely. Window security locks may be keyed or flip locks. All types are available at hardware stores and are easy to install in only a few minutes with a simple drill and screwdriver.

Security hardware for all types of windows
Casement window security locks are often integrated into the handle, but also a door chain lock can also be used.  Sliding windows lock with a mechanism using a pressure screw to hold a block onto the window's track. Sash locks fasten the upper and lower panes of single and double hung windows, preventing either from being opened.

Keyless window security locks
Flip locks lock and unlock by flipping a lever or turning a screw. These are inexpensive and there is no risk of losing a key. However, they are easier to force open than keyed window security locks.

Keyed window security locks
Keyed locks are sturdier and more expensive than keyless locks. Keyed locks are similar to a mortise lock or deadbolt, with a bolt that slides into a separate piece of hardware.  Always leave the key nearby for emergency exits.


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