Window Treatment Options for Half Round Windows

Half round windows are frequently seen in bay windows or are used with luxurious stained glass in churches. They are seen in combination with square windows opening up onto patios or decks. Half round windows can be seen at the top of staircases and balconies. More often than not, they are seen without window treatments. There are times, though, when privacy or too much sun prevails and it helps to have some sort of treatment to cover half round windows.

Drapery or Curtains

Consider installing a twist rod at the top of the window and using it to hang a sash made from satin or velvet. Twist rods are installed without hardware and can be made to fit most windows.

Hang drapes over the half round window, but to outline the arch, install a pelmet covered with material to match or coordinate with the drapes. Although a pelmet is similar to a valance, in this case, it is used to accent the line of the window and not used specifically to cover window hardware.

Another option is to hang a straight decorative curtain rod across the top and above the arch. The curtain rod should be long enough that when the curtains are opened, the whole window will show. Choose a fabric that will accentuate the arch in the window when the drapes are opened. Lightweight and light-colored fabric such as chintz or satin is a good choice because arched windows have a tendency to let in a lot of light and these materials will add to that beauty.

Measure the radius of the half circle of the window from side to side and from the center of the arch to the straight edge. Cut a piece of light material the width from the center of the arch to the center of the straight edge and twice the length of the radius, allowing 1 inch extra for seams. Stick half of several pieces of Velcro on the window. Thread a piece of cord using a safety pin through one long end of the material and gather together. Working half the window at a time, spread the gathers evenly, pin, and sew the other half of the Velcro onto the material. Do the other side of the window the same way. Tuck the cord ends behind the material. When finished, the curtain should have a fan affect.


    Inside a house, decorative wooden shutters can be made to fit inside a half round window by cutting a curve at the top of each square half. Outside, the same curve can be cut to fit the outside edges of the window.