Window Treatments that Complement Wooden Interior Shutters Window Treatments that Complement Wooden Interior Shutters

Depending on the design of the wooden interior shutters installed in the home, hard and soft window treatments can be used, or a combination of both to enhance the overall effect. Shades, curtains, drapes, swags, valances and sheers are examples of soft treatments that are ideal for use against the backdrop of hard wooden shutters.

A good idea when installing window treatments is to make sure that they fit over the shutters properly and proportionally. This enhances the overall effect and eliminates chances of the window looking overdone or crowded.


Their light weight materials are a good complement to the hard texture on wooden shutters. They are easy to install and manipulate, as they can be pulled on the side to expose shutters.

To get it right with curtains, take care of the color, texture, and patterns on the fabric. Light, soft colors or patterns on curtains can be installed with dark hued wooden shutters. Make sure to match both designs so as to enhance the overall appearance on the window.


This type of window treatment has many qualities that make it an ideal addition to window shutters. Sheers are lightweight, which works well against the hard wooden texture. They are able to provide privacy without compromising light and structure, which is important.

Dark colored sheers can be installed against beige or light colored wooden shutters to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the home. Consider using lightweight and light colored sheers to allow as much light as possible in the room.


They are available in many styles and designs, which makes it easy to achieve different effects. There are box-pleated, hour-glass, euro pleated, flat-top draperies with rings, flip topper, grommet, and pinch pleated draperies. All these are useful styles that can be used to install drapes on interior wooden shutters.

They are available in different colors, patterns and fabrics that can be used to achieve a certain effect in the room. Use light weight and bright colored drapes in living rooms since they easily let in natural light. Dark colored or solid patterned fabrics can be used in bedrooms or private areas.


To dress interior wooden shutters so that they look attractive, consider using designs such as swag panel with contrast swag, swag lace panel, scarf swag, pouf and cascade on rod pocket, or pole swag. These are different styles with which the swag can be hung on the window shutter. They can be used to achieve homely, comfortable, classy, elegant and stylish effects.

Fabric used with swag is generally lightweight, which makes it easy to achieve the different styles mentioned. Take care not to use heavy patterns with dark colored wooden shutters, as this can create a heavy or busy surface. A good idea is to balance the two textures. Consider using light patterns against bold colored interior shutters.

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