Window Valance Designs: What's Right for You? Window Valance Designs: What's Right for You?

When choosing from window valance designs, there are 4 general factors or areas of consideration you will need to keep in mind: geometry, architectural style, practical functionality and fabric. Read on to learn how best to determine which types of valance designs will best suit your needs.

Architectural Style

The first factor to consider when choosing a window valance design is your home’s architectural style. It will often dictate which designs will work. For example, traditional architectural styles such as Victorian or Corinthian will often work well with more formal valance designs, whereas a modern and more contemporary home will tend towards freeform or eclectic valance designs.


The second factor of valance design is the geometry of the windows in relation to the room. Be sure to measure all windows by width and height and their general location on the walls. Keep these measurements in mind as you select a valance design that fits the scale of the room.

Practical Functionality

Will the valance be primarily for looks, or will it also serve a practical function? Traditional valances were originally used to help control heat loss and gain. Some valance designs when used in coordination with window drapery can also serve the practical function of helping control ambient light as well as air flow into and out of the room.


Finally, when looking at examples of potential window valance designs, be sure to look primarily at their shapes without giving too much importance to the fabric used. The fabric choice, although important, can be selected as the last step. The right fabric matched to the right valance design can really make your windows and overall room design pop!

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