Window Valance Styles: Creating a Children's Theme Window Valance Styles: Creating a Children's Theme

There are window valance styles for children’s rooms that are easy, creative and budget friendly. You can create a valance without having to purchase the complete window treatment set. As long as venetian blinds or shades are already in place, you can just update the theme of the room with valances. The type of valance theme should tie in with the overall theme of the child’s room or personality. There are so many children’s themes to choose from, this should be an easy task to complete and one your children will enjoy. With a little creativity, you will have turned your child’s room into a fun, whimsical haven that they will enjoy. A few ideas to create a child’s window valance are listed below.

Jungle Valance Theme

A jungle themed curtain valance for a kid’s room will leave you with a couple of options. A tree branch can be secured above the window and covered with artificial greenery. Artificial flowers or greenery can also be added to a decorative valance rod.

Hawaiian Valance Theme

Another good idea for kid’s valances is using a grass skirt as the curtain. The curtains can be tied back with a ponytail elastic and an artificial flower. The flower can be stapled to the elastic. The grass skirt can be shortened to make the valance. You can apply hot glue to secure the skirt to the valance rod. It is probably better to hang the skirt to the valance rod first before trimming it to the length you desire.

Fishing Valance Theme

A fishing valance theme can be created in a child’s room by using fish netting and a fishing rod. To create a nautical valance, the netting can be wrapped loosely around the fishing rod. The rod can be hung at the top of the window using 3 level nails with large heads. Optionally, you can hang or glue miniature fish ornaments to the hanging net.

Cowboy Valance Theme

A western valance theme is another way to help dress up a child’s room. A valance rod can be used with large bandanas draped over it. Smaller bandanas can be used in a zigzag pattern by being hot glued to a rod.

Let’s Play Ball Valance Theme

A ball valance theme will fit a sports room decor. A baseball bat (or two) can be hung above the window. On light rope or twine, miniature footballs, softballs, tennis balls or soccer balls can hang at different short lengths.

Store Purchased Theme Valance

Depending on the child’s overall room theme, you can purchase a valance that will compliment that theme. If the theme is trains or trucks, a valance that has that in its pattern should be perfect. A swag valance will suit a child’s theme also as it drapes over the curtain rod and hangs down on the sides. If there is more than one window in a child’s room, make sure the same valances will be on each one. 

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