Window Valance Styles: Creating a Nautical Theme Window Valance Styles: Creating a Nautical Theme

Creating nautical theme window valance styles are easy, fun and not to mention clean. It is easy to transform any nautical piece into a window valance theme. There are so many ideas from adding sea shell ornaments to your curtains or adding colored window spray to a window.

Sea Shell Ornaments

It is amazing how you can add sea shells to a simple plain window treatment to create a nautical makeover. On the front of valance rods, you can hot glue large sea shells. They can also be glued to tie backs to create more inspiration. When developing a beach design, light breezy drapes will go easily with the sea shells. A medium sized star fish can be hot glued in the center of the valance rod or on the border of the swags. The valance rod can be replaced by one made of a natural bamboo material.

Interior Window Shutters

Shutters are common on the exterior windows, but putting them on the inside will give your room a beach cottage feeling. A set of plantation shutters are nice and elegant to tie in with a nautical window valance theme. Interior shutters can be light in color or rustic. They can be hung on either side of the windows. They can be purchased at nautical gift shops and come in bright colors. They are usually painted with sea shell designs or carved wooden boats. Added to the nautical valance, they will give any room an island feel.

Window Films

With a sea shell valance style, a colored translucent window film shaded in blue shades will provide an ocean setting. With a valance designed with sea shells hanging over a window film, you are sure to give the room a tranquil nautical feel. 

Easy Nautical Valance

An easy nautical valance can be made by purchasing several feet of tulle material (base this on the size of the window). The tulle can be wrapped around the valance rod loosely so that it will naturally drape down into waves. Get medium-sized star fish and place one in each of the waves that the tulle makes. Sea shells and sand dollars can be used as well. On each end of the valance rod, glue a large star fish using a hot glue gun.

Nautical Flag Valance

Nautical signal flags can be used to create a valance that will tie all of the nautical lamps, wall paper and wall décor together to create the peace and tranquility of an ocean. Depending on the size of the window, up to 9 or 10 of these signal flags can go on a valance rod. A fisher’s net can be draped above the flags. The window sill can hold a large ship surrounded by smaller ships and beach shells. The nautical flag valance can hang as short or as long as you like. The flags are about 8 inches wide so they will probably look better with a little space in between them.

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