Window Valances on Bay Windows Window Valances on Bay Windows

Windows valances on a bay window present a unique challenge. Bay windows are typically 3-sided, extending outward from the house wall. Since each side is a complete window unit, and valances usually extend away from the window, in front of curtains or other window treatments. These can be difficult to install.

Shorter Valances

If the design allows, you can install a shorter width valance on the middle bay window and valances of normal width on the 2 end windows. Depending on the design, you may need a custom piece to complete the look so that the valances match from left to right without the middle appearing to be higher than the sides. This method is best achieved when the valences are of equal length.

Valences that are longer at each end and shorter in the middle are more difficult to arrange. On bay windows, they may appear bunched up from end to end.

Custom Valances

Design custom valances to create a unique effect in your bay window. For example, your valance might be a single valance across all 3  windows of the bay, but leaving the other window treatments in tact with curtains or blinds in each individual window.

In bay windows, it may be best to use the type of valances that hang on rings and rods. These are easy to install and look charming.

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